7 tips to relieve constipation in babies

What you can do:

Simple dietary changes: Try switching the brand of formula you use after consulting your doctor. If possible breastfeed your child for a while till the problem settles. If you are weaning your baby, remember to puree the food well before you feed your baby till the time the bowel problem is resolved. This makes the food easy to digest and keeps your baby’s tummy at ease.
Up the fruit intake: If it’s your toddler who is complaining about the problem try including a variety of fruits like papaya, melons and ripe banana to prevent constipation. To your weaning baby you could try pureed apple, pear or mashed banana as a snack between meals. You can also try giving your baby mashed papaya, if your baby can tolerate it. Read a complete guide on weaning foods.
Keep track of liquids: Remember to give your baby enough sips of water throughout the day, consciously. If you have kept your baby off water for the first six months (as is the norm), it might be difficult to force enough water intake at this time. So start by giving spoonfuls at a time and at regular intervals. Include fruit juices and milk into your baby’s diet plan as well. If you are still breastfeeding continue to do the same.
Try a natural remedy: Soak dry black currents in warm water and feed the solution to your child during bedtime. This works well with toddlers as well. A cup of warm milk with ghee is also a great remedy for relief.
Encourage enough play: For a crawler allow crawling to the fullest or try pumping the legs. To do this, while your baby lies on its back, gently move the legs in a forward, circular motion as if pedaling a bicycle. If your baby has started to take those first steps go to a park and play. This gives your baby enough exercise and the digestive system a jolt.
Give a belly massage: Although this may sound like the simplest thing to do, make sure you do this only if you are sure of how to go about it. Here are a few tips to give your baby a belly massage, with your fingertips apply gentle pressure on your baby’s tummy just three finger widths below the navel area for about three minutes. This will initiate movement of the stools.
Try medical help: If even after trying all the above mentioned ways you fail to provide your little one any relief from constipation, visit your pediatrician immediately. Your doctor might suggest using pediatric glycerin suppositories for your baby. Remember to insert the glycerin when your baby does not want to pass motions. If you try to push the medicine when a hard stool is coming down it will only push the stool inside and cause more discomfort. While inserting the suppository remember it will cause your baby some discomfort though not pain. Give enough hugs and skin to skin contact to soothe your baby, if the need arises.