Are Walking Shoes Good For Babies

By Laura P
January 29, 2022

Going Shoeless Can Help Children Develop And Improve Skills

Should your baby wear shoes? Not necessarily. Little baby shoes are oh, so cute and you may be tempted to buy. Before you pick out the perfect pair of Mary Janes or UGG boots, you might consider their purpose.

Baby shoes have no benefits for your babys feet. In fact, if the shoes are too hard or inflexible, they can restrict natural foot movement. And those shoes will not help your child learn to walk faster or better.

Going shoeless actually helps children develop better balance, strength and coordination as they learn to walk. They can feel the floor or ground under them and that improves those skills.

So when is it time for shoes? The only purpose of a real shoe is to protect tiny toddler feet from rough surfaces, particularly outdoors. When your child starts taking those first steps, leave the shoes off when possible. If the surface is cold, put socks or booties with nonskid soles on the feet. If its warm, let your child walk barefoot indoors and even outdoors on safe surfaces.

Once toddlers are really running around, its time for shoes on a regular basis. Otherwise, they are likely to have problems like stubbed toes, broken toenails and other mishaps that cause pain to their feet.

What Is The Hard Bottom Baby Shoes
To answer the question are hard bottom shoes good for babies, we need to be clear on what exactly a hard bottom is. The term hard bottom refers to a piece of plastic or rubberoutsole that is placed about one to two inches into the bottom of a pair of babyshoe. Hard bottoms are used to prevent kids from slipping out of their shoes. It prevents the foot from sliding and slipping throughout the day.

They have a wide base that keeps your baby from slipping and they have thick soles on the bottom to prevent him from slipping. There are many types of hard soled shoes available in the market, but you should choose a shoe for your baby which is comfortable, soft and lightweight for him, which your child will feel comfortable wearing.

Most Adorable Toddler Sandals
Price: $$$Saltwater sandals are about as classic as you can get. The Sweetheart style features a leather lining and footbed with a synthetic textured sole to help prevent slips. This sandal comes in all sorts of vibrant colors and metallics to match any outfit.Reviewers like that these sandals are made to get wet, making them a great choice for a day at the parks splash pad.Considerations: Reviewers note that this style sandal may be best for kids with narrow feet. Others say the sizing isnt very consistent with other brands, so you may need to try a couple pairs before you find what fits best. And more than one person mentioned that the Sweethearts two-buckle design leaves opportunity for chafing and blisters.

Does Your Baby Or Toddler Need Shoes Yet
Your baby or toddler needs shoes only when he starts to walk outdoors. If your little one is still crawling or learning to stand, hold off on putting shoes on your childâs feet. Barefoot is best for the growth and development of his feet. Thereâs a range of ages at which children start to walk, but typically, it is around the 12-month mark . Before your child starts walking, socks or booties with non-skid soles are all thatâs needed to keep your babyâs feet nice and warm when outdoors.Once your baby or toddler is walking outside, heâll need a pair of shoes to protect his feet.

Baby Deer High Top Leather First Walker
On number 7, we have a pair of leather baby walking shoes from Baby Deer. These are high-quality shoes made of a crepe sole, and the shaft of the shoe measures 3 inches from the arch. The boots are highly fashionable, but they are available only in white. These shoes can be worn by boys as well as by girls. The girl offered by the sole is quite impressive, and it ensures that the baby doesnt slip even when he is walking on the slope.

The laces secure the closure system, and this again has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the shoes are reliable and available in the mid-range when we consider the shoes price.

Pros Of The Baby Deer Leather Walking Shoes

Has high top to support ankles
Made of 100% leather
The rubber sole provides an impressive grip to the child while learning to walk.
Cons Of The Baby Deer Leather Walking Shoes

No color options are available

Dont Buy Your Babys First Shoes The Minute They Start Walking
After your baby takes their first, exciting, wobbly steps, you may think you need to race out and buy a pair of baby shoes for them straight away, but you dont. Its a while yet before you need to start searching for babys first shoes online.

Babies benefit from having bare feet for a while when theyre first learning to walk. They need to be able to feel everything and wiggle their toes.

Walking shoes at this point will just create an unnecessary barrier between them and the ground. It will make it more difficult for them to grip and learn how to balance themselves in this whole new way.

But while they dont need walking shoes yet, little feet can do with some extra protection from cold or rough surfaces. Pre-walkers for girls or boys are the perfect option in this case. They are soft and light enough to allow your baby freedom and flexibility but they give feet a little extra barrier to protect little soles and toes from injuries.

At this stage of development, just focus on letting your baby find their balance and their confidence.

Bmcitybm Breathable Mesh Sneakers
With a toe cap to provide that extra bit of protection and non-slip rubber soles that come with tiny sensory pods to prevent slips and help baby maintain balance, these sweet shoes are some of our faves. They come in a ton of cute color combos for both boys and girls, theyre super lightweight, and they have memory foam footbeds so your little one can play all day without sacrificing comfort. A hook-and-loop closure makes them easy to slip on and off in a pinch, too. Moms rave about the mesh fabric overlay thats perfect for little ones whose feet tend to sweat. It keeps those chubby tootsies cool and dry while they romp, jump, and walk their little hearts out.

How Can Infant Shoes Affect Growing Feet And Learning To Walk
The early months and years are a period of rapid growth in children. On average, in the first year of life, infants can triple their birth weight.

Along with rapid growth, brain development and motor development progress at a fast pace. In just one year, many children learn to roll, sit, crawl, stand and even walk. As it turns out, babies learn to use their bodies best when there are no objects that interfere with the process.

For example, we have loads of baby gear designed to help babies sit. However, according to many physical therapists and developmental specialists, they actually interfere with babies learning to use their muscles properly.

When infants are sitting unsupported, theyre engaging their core and pelvic floor muscles, and learning how to balance. In a seat, babies dont have to engage as many muscles or pay as much attention to their balance.

For babies who are learning to move and, especially, to walk, wearing shoes can affect which muscles they use to do it. It can also interfere with their cerebral development.

A podiatrist specialising in podopaediatrics, Tracy Byrone, told The Guardian, Toddlers keep their heads up more when they are walking barefoot. The feedback they get from the ground means there is less need to look down, which is what puts them off balance and causes them to fall down.

First Baby Shoes For Walking And Learning To Walk
Every parent remembers their babys first steps. Those special moments are a big milestone for you and your little one, and a reminder that youll soon have an energetic toddler to keep up with!

As most parents and paediatricians will tell you, its best to let your baby learn to walk barefoot. When their feet have direct contact with the ground, babies can grip and flex their toes more easily, allowing them to learn balance and coordination in a natural way. But when its time to venture outside and find their feet on different surfaces, theyll need a pair of shoes that allow them to explore, develop and grow.

The Great Debate: What Should Babies Wear On Their Feet When Learning To Walk
Parents frequently ask me what the best option is for their child when they are learning to walk: shoes or barefoot? This is a topic that has been controversial in the past. It was once suggested that new walkers should wear shoes with thick soles so that they are provided with additional support that is required for proper foot development however, this is false. The new philosophy is quite the opposite shoes can provide too much support and can possibly limit the childs muscle and gait development. The bottom line is that a child should be barefoot as much as possible until he or she is about two years of age.

So How Long Should You Wait After Theyve Taken Their First Baby Steps
There is no definite amount of time, or single answer for this question. It depends on your child. The best advice is to wait until your toddler is walking unaided for a lot of the day. This is the point at which their feet will start to need the extra support that first walking shoes can give them.

Once youve reached this stage, theyll be ready to move on from their pre-walker shoes and its time to invest in their first set of baby walking shoes.