ABOUT: Diana Divecha, Ph.D. is a Berkeley-based developmental psychologist who consults, writes, and speaks about the science of how children, teens and families grow and develop. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. and an advisor to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. She was on the faculty of Sonoma State University and chaired their program on Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development. Her articles have appeared in Washington Post; Time, Inc., Psychology Today; Harvard Business Review; The Hill; Huffington Post; San Francisco Chronicle, and more. She has worked with children with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and severe behavior problems, and she currently serves on boards or advisory councils of a number of organizations including Futures Without Violence and National Partnership for Women and Families. Diana and her husband have two daughters happily launched into adulthood. They recently came to her and asked if she would write down what was in her head while she was raising them because they “loved their childhoods.” She’s working on that.