How Long Should A Baby Wear Mittens?

Newborn babies under the age of one-year-old usually wear mittens. They are not just for fashion, but also for protection. Babies cannot control their reflexes during the first weeks of their lives, and they should wear mittens to avoid their faces from being scratched. But how long should baby wear mittens?

Why do babies wear mittens?
Mittens cover the entire hands of the baby. Newborn babies are most likely to have mittens in their wardrobes. There are a lot of benefits that a baby can get when they wear mittens. It keeps their face protected from being scratched by their sharp nails. But how long should baby wear mittens? It depends on how well they can control their reflexes. When babies can already control their hand movements, they can stop from wearing mittens. Some parents also opt to do away with mittens before their little ones turn six months old. When babies reach this age, they need their hands to improve their senses. They need to touch and feel things to learn about their new environment. This is the stage where they get to discover things and explore the different textures around them.

Pros and Cons of Mittens
Mittens are part of your baby’s wardrobe. But just like all things, it has its pros and cons. So here are the pros and cons when your baby wears mittens.

Prevents them from scratching themselves – When babies have sharp nails, they scratch themselves, leaving marks or wounds on their skin. It can be dangerous because your baby has sensitive skin, and their scratch wounds might get infected. How long should baby wear mittens? When you can already cut their nails, you can do away with your baby’s mittens.
Comfortable breastfeeding – Babies tend to squeeze their mom’s breasts whenever they are breastfeeding, and this can be painful for you. But if they are wearing mittens, it will be less painful, and you will also be more comfortable whenever you are breastfeeding them.
Keeps their hands clean – Babies love to grab things and put their hands in their mouths. Keeping their hands clean by using mittens will prevent them from getting sick.
Avoid thumb sucking – Using mittens can help your baby avoid thumb sucking because the mittens’ fabric is not comfortable to nibble on. How long should baby wear mittens? If your baby is not a fan of thumb sucking, they can do away with their mittens.
One size fits all – The great thing about mittens is it fits all sizes. The free size of the mittens allows your baby to wear them for as long as they need it, even if they have grown a bit.
Keeps them warm during winter – Mittens are also warmers, especially during winter. It prevents their fingers from being cold and makes them feel extra comfortable during the cold season.

Garterized mittens cause rashes – Some mittens have garters to keep them on your baby’s hands. If your baby’s skin is sensitive, there is a possibility that they will get a rash or unwanted skin reaction.
Ribboned mittens often get lost – Some parents prefer to use ribboned mittens for their babies. But if the ribbon is loose, there is a possibility that one or both of them will be lost, especially when you are out of your home.
Before purchasing the mittens for your baby, you need to do a bit of research to know which mittens to get. Even though that mittens serve the same purpose, there are times when they have their cons. Also, not all babies are comfortable wearing mittens. They cry or get rid of it.