Pediatrician Is AGAINST Babies Wearing Mittens and Everyone Should Know Why

WED, 09/04/2019 – 14:15

When the baby is born, the parents notice that their hands often get very cold. The newborn can also have long and sharp fingernails that accidentally cause scratches on various parts of the body.
In these cases, mittens sound like a good idea. But pediatrician Paula Arruda states that wearing this accessory can jeopardize the babies’ health and even their development.

Are mittens really necessary?
The doctor explains that the newborn’s extremities do tend to get colder. So it’s no cause for concern to parents – and no excuse to wrap the little one in layers and layers of clothes, blankets, and more blankets.
“Excessive heating can cause, in addition to irritability, increased risk of sudden death,” Paula believes.
In the case of nails, it is necessary to adopt a routine of cutting periodically to avoid scratches, dismissing the need to use mittens.

Free hands for the baby to discover the world
On the post, published on social media, the pediatrician also points out that it is important to leave the baby at home for as long as possible without the accessories. According to her, touch is one of the ways the little one discovers the world, recognizing objects and people. And that the mittens deprive the child of this experience.

Besides, babies use their hands to calm down in the womb. When they born and perceive the new world, they want to use these limbs more than ever. With gloves, it’s impossible to access the hands – which can cause frustration in the child.