What are early intervention services?

Early intervention services provide support infants and toddlers with certain issues. These may include:

Premature birth.
A variety of health problems.
Delays in seeing, hearing, talking, thinking, playing or moving.
If your child is eligible for early intervention services, that provider will write an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). This plan is based on the particular needs of your child and your family. The service provider will figure out what activities and services could best help your child. The types of services include:

Assistive technology (devices your child may need).
Audiology or hearing services.
Speech or language services.
Family counseling and training.
Medical services.
Nursing services.
Nutrition services.
Physical therapy.
Occupational therapy.
Psychological services.
These services are provided to eligible children free of charge and usually are done at your home. The services are voluntary (you do not have to do them) and if you are not sure about any of them you should talk to your child’s healthcare provider.