Why newborn babies don’t cry tears – no matter how much they scream

Newborns typically won’t shed any tears because their tear ducts are still developing after birth. In fact, it’s normal for them not to shed any tears during the first few months of their live, according to pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann. Most babies start crying tears around two weeks of age but some little ones can take longer to develop the ducts – usually by the age of two months. Almond-shaped glands sit underneath the top eyelid and produce tears to lubricate the eye. Paediatric ophthalmologist Dr Phillipa Sharwood told Mamamia: “It’s almost like the cloud that makes it rain. The tears then come down over the eye, and there’s a drainage system (the tear duct) in the inside corner of the eye that goes down into the nose. But because babies don’t have tear glands, they don’t produce a normal amount of tears for the first few weeks of their lives. Great Ormond Street Hospital doctors say they “do not know” why babies are born without this function. And sometimes it can actually cause problems in youngsters if they are producing tears but their ducts are blocked. “This means that tears cannot drain away as they should, so tears flow out of the eye and run down the cheeks. Either one or both ducts can be affected,” the NHS website reads.

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